The Opera House Stage Company
The Opera House Stage Company is an all volunteer community theater producing three to four productions annually. Recent shows have included the romantic comedy dinner theater "Later Life," "Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music," Live Radio Theater. Open auditions are held prior to the production for each show and residents of Jefferson County and surrounding communities are encouraged to participate. Members act, direct, choreograph, play in the orchestra, work back stage, design and build sets and some even write original scripts. Audition dates will be posted on this web site, or call 850-997-4242 for more information.


Colin Rolfe Scholarship for the Arts Recipients Announced


Mary Rose and Lillie Schwier kicked up their heels after being informed that they are the latest recipients of the Monticello Opera House Stage Company Colin Rolfe Memorial Scholarship for the Arts. Both girls will use scholarships to advance their education in dance. Mary Rose and Lillie, Kamie and  Michael Schwier, performed in the most recent Stage Company’s Live Radio Theatre playing the children in “It’s a Wonderful Life” and singing commercial jingles for the show. The girls also appeared in the MADCo Watermelon Festival production of ‘2014: A Space Oddity,’ a children’s performance annually held in June. “We wish them both continued success on and off the stage,” says Jan Williams. “Colin would be pleased.”


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