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It takes a lot of work to maintain and preserve a historic venue like the Opera House.

We're so excited to report that we've had several very generous donors adopt projects. AND we've seen progress on some renovations! See the list below to see some of the work that remains to be done. If you're interested in adopting a project, email for the full detailed list of projects/costs. If you'd just like to make a donation, scroll all the way down and click the 'Make A Donation' button to do just that. Thanks for your support!

• Replace/upgrade HVAC unit...COMPLETED!
• Restoration/Replacement of windows
• Repair of rotten beams above stage in theatre...DONE... DONATED LABOR & MATERIALS!
• Repointing of exterior brickwork...PARTIALLY COMPLETE! 
• Roof repairs COMPLETED!
• Restoration and sealing of all exterior doors BEGUN!
• Repair of several door casings and thresholds
• Upgrade of fire and emergency systems...COMPLETED!
• Chimney brick restoration.....TWO COMPLETED, TWO TO GO!
• Install stair rail in vestibule stairway to theatre...DONOR PLEDGED & COMPLETE!
• Install front balcony rails 
• Install safety railings in HVAC air handler area backstage.....DONOR PLEDGED! COMPLETED!
• Replace bathroom vent fans (3)...LABOR PLEDGED! COMPLETED!
• Sand, stain & refinish banquet hall floor
• Replace/relocate theatre house light rheostats...
• Re-glaze, caulk and paint stained glass above North facing plate windows
• Caulk banquet hall baseboards
• Replace kitchen refrigerator
• Install new kitchen range hood COMPLETED!
• Replace kitchen counter tops
• Refurbish or replace kitchen cabinets
• Replace kitchen floor with quarry tile
• R & R kitchen interior east wall
• Sand and oil stage floor in theatre
• Upgrade breaker box(es) backstage in theatre...DONOR LABOR PLEDGED!
• Strip/paint fire escape door & stairs
• Weather-strip all original doors
• Replace awnings over West door & window...COMPLETED!
• Remove & replace/repair plaster walls near banquet hall bathrooms
• Replace bathroom flooring
• Recover banquet hall chairs
• Replace plywood windows with glass
• Repaint East kitchen exterior door COMPLETED!
• Refinish vestibule stairs
• Refinish woodwork in East fire exit stairway
• Build scenery storage for backstage
• Restore theatre boxes with ceiling stencils
• Build lumber racks in theatre backstage loft area

The Monticello Opera House is a 501(c)-3 non-profit corporation so donations made may be tax deductible. Click the 'Donate' button and give what you can to go directly to our construction fund.