Monticello Opera House Special Category Grant 
Florida Department of State - 
Florida Division of Historical Resources

The Monticello Opera House has received multiple Grants from the Division of Historical Resources (DHR) for the preservation of the historic building.

To accomplish these grants we will need donations to match the funds that are being provided by the state. To Donate please contact us at 850-997-4242. 

Below is a table of how the work will impact the building. 


More information about the DHR Grants appears below. 


The purpose of Special Category grant funding is to assist major site-specific archaeological excavations, the major restoration or rehabilitation of historic buildings or structures, and major museum exhibits involving the development and presentation of information on the history of Florida.

Types of Projects

Types of projects eligible for Special Category funding include the acquisition of historic property, the moving of a historic building or structure that is under threat of demolition or destruction due to natural causes, the rehabilitation of a historic building or property, and major archaeological investigations of a site or closely related sites. Exhibit projects may include the design, fabrication and installation of museum furniture and equipment and the production of exhibit related media.

For more information about the Special Category Grants please see special category grants.