Monticello Opera House
General & Technical Information 

Perkins (Banquet) Hall & Rental  Information

See layout of banquet hall below:
Available Tables:
48" Round: 12
60" Round: 10
Eight-Foot Banquet: 5
Stand up Cocktail Tables: 4
*Please see diagram below if you plan to supply your own tablecloths.

*Please see diagram above if you plan to supply your own tablecloths.

Available Chairs:
Upholstered Banquet-style: 140
Metal Folding: 40

Microphone and PA System Available (additional cost -- see Sound System above)
Piano: McPhail Baby Grand
Stage Available: 8' X 8' (additional cost)
Movie Screen -Pedestal Stand 4' X 4'
Podium: Two; 1-Table Top 1- Floor Model


112-HAMPSTER-Complete Up Lighting Package- 10 Low Profile bases and 10 114-HAMPSTER LED PAR 38 Cans - LED lights can produce many different effects and colors without using a controller. Just use the dip switches on the rear of the light to mix the colors to produce brilliant shades of purple, pink, magenta and more. Each light has multiple dip switches for each color that can produce multiple different color combinations. Additional LEDs may be added to the array as needed. 

Kitchen Facilities (Warming Kitchen Only):
Commercial Gas Range (6 Burner) and Oven
Electric Range (4 Burner) and Oven
Three Compartment Pot Washing Sink (soap not provided)
Small Commercial Hobart Dish Washer (soap not provided)
Ample Preparation Counter Space
Commercial Refrigerator (no freezer)
Garbage Cans (liners not provided)
NOTE - All garbage must be REMOVED from the building at the end of your rental. 

Restroom Facilities - Men's and Women's, Handicap Accessible

Garden Information
Overall Area: 5364 Sq. Ft.
Paved Area: 4994 Sq. Ft.
Gazebo with 4 Duplex Electric Power Receptacles (120 Amp circuit)
8 - Period Style Four Lamp Light Posts


Theatre Information

On Second Floor (elevator and stair access)
Non-Union House
Seating Capacity
Main Floor: 300
Balcony: Not for public use

See theater layout below


Dressing Rooms:
Two Located Stage Right
Lighted Makeup Tables with mirrors and stools
Hand Washing Sink
Wardrobe Racks
Shared Unisex commode & shower

Proscenium: 29' wide by 14' tall
Center Line to Back Wall: 29'
Wings: 17' X 31'
Stage Floor to Grid: 21'
Stage Floor to Fly: 10' 6"
Stage Floor to bottom of Stage Borders: 10' 6"
Stage Entrances from backstage both right and left
Stage Entrances from house left and right
Stage Trap Door: 30" x 78"

Orchestra Pit: 5' x 26'
Fly System: Static Type
There are 2 dead hung line sets upstage for the two backdrops.

Draperies and Soft Goods:
Main Curtain, Draw, Red, Center opening traveler and a fixed Red Main Teaser
Back Drops - Two
One Black
One Painted Gazebo; white/lavenders

Dimmer and Control from Balcony or Back Stage with Elation, Stage Setter 8 DMX Controller

The Basic Lighting System Consists of:

ONE (1) -2 scene 8 channel Board: N7008- 8/16 Channel Console, 2 Manual Presets, 8 Memory Scenes, 2 Chases, NSI, DMX (5-pin) output via 5pin to 3 pin adaptor. Operates Front of house or Backstage SR.

SIX (6) - 4-channel dimmer/switch pack with up to 5 amps per channel (15A max) DMX controlled, four duplex outlets, 1, 2, or 4 channels (similar to CHAUVET DJ DMX-4)

The DMX cable extends from the Front of House (balcony) position to all dimmer pack locations and ends Backstage, SR.

The Front of House Lighting position consists of 9- 500 watt ellipsoidal (leko) Fixtures, 3 fixture per DMX dimmer Pack. Each Pack is set as 1 Channel, each for the three stage areas down stage. Left, Right, and Center. Typically channels 1, 2, and 3.

The On Stage Lighting Position is located directly upstage of the Grand Teaser. The 3 DMX dimmer Packs, located in the Grid (+20’) are set as 1 channel per pack, controlling the fixtures lighting upstage. Typically channels 4,5, and 6.

Follow Spot One (1) Incandescent Follow Spot (similar to trouperette follow spot) at 1000watts. 120 volt. Six color boomerang, Integral iris and framing shutter. Typically operated from the Balcony.

Basic Inventory
19 Leco Fixtures with 500 W Bottles
3 Leco Fixtures with 1000 W Bottles
3 Fresnel Fixtures with 500 W Bottles
One Follow Spot
Foot Lights Available

Equipment in Theatre:
Piano: Baldwin Grand
Amp and PA System: One Mike Connection Stage Right, Three Down Stage, Right, Left, & Center
Music Stands: 6

The Monticello Opera House is available for rental for any of your event needs! Please call us at 850-997-4242 for more information. 

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